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Strobeam personalizes commerce by bringing real-life shopping experience to you through augmented reality, AI & blockchain

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Try these products virtually through augmented reality before buying.

A Unique Shopping Experience

Online shopping is a game of chance. We have taken certain measures to ensure your shopping experience is as close to the real thing with the features listed below.

AR Integration

Our AR integration allows you to try on products virtually before buying.

Escrow Wallet

Escrow wallet prevents sellers from getting your payments until you are satisfied with the product.

Zero Transaction Fee

No annoying fees, Just the price you see.

Currency Agnostic

Shop your favourite products in any currency (fiat & crypto) with no pressure.

Group Shopping

Get the opinions of your friends & family when shopping.

Personalized Shopping

Advanced AI product recommendation based on your shopping activity

Incognito Shopping

Shop without the fears of government and big corporations snooping on you.

5 Star only Platform

Only the best products are on strobeam.

Haptic Feedback

Experience advance motion senses & vibrations when important actions are taken.

For Buyers

Discover new ways to try products before paying no commitment only 100% assurance.

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For Sellers

Boost engagement by giving your customers a true in-store experience in the comfort of their home.

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For Developers

Use the strobeam open-source library to build custom extensions, templates, virtual products and more all on a decentralized network.

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Launch: Oct 1, 2021
Version: 1.1.0
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Developer: Rabipearl Ltd.
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Category: Marketplace
Launch: Aug 1, 2021
Version: 1.1.0
Size: 77.5 MB
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Developer: Rabipearl Ltd.